Veterinary Hospitals & Animal Shelter Staff

The OAVT Public Health Rabies Response Program (OAVT RRP) RVT team collects samples directly from veterinary hospitals, shelters, animal control services, wildlife rehabilitators, zoos and private residences when requested by Public Health. The OAVT RRP’s goal is to ensure rabies suspect animal specimens, that have had an exposure incident with a human, are collected efficiently in order to have rabies test results returned as quickly as possible. To ensure your patient’s sample collection is done quickly and effectively please review our OAVT RRP Veterinary Hospital & Animal Shelter Info Sheets.

Encouraging your RVT staff to become a RRP Team member will help to provide your clients and local Public Health Unit with quick access to rabies sample collection and return of test results. RVT participants can arrange for collections outside of their regular commitments to you to prevent any disruption to your service. Payment to RVTs is arranged between the OAVT & RVT independently, preventing any extra work on your end.

Need more rabies info?

  • For rabies information pertaining to wildlife visit the OMNRF Rabies webpage here
  • For animal exposures that do not involve humans (animal to animal) visit OMAFRA’s Rabies in Ontario webpage here
  • For rabies information to share with your clients visit the OAVT RRP Rabies Public Portal here
  • Looking for other general rabies information? Visit the OAVT RRP Rabies Resources Page here


Are you having an upcoming rabies vaccine clinic at your location? We want to know about it!
The OAVT RRP hosts and maintains the Rabies Vaccine Clinic in Ontario webpage along with it’s sister Facebook page Rabies Vaccine Clinic Listings Ontario, Canada. These pages offer Ontario residents a place to view all upcoming rabies vaccine clinics in one place.
To have your rabies vaccine clinic listed please email us at

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