Volunteering with the OAVT

Call for RVT Volunteers!

The OAVT is looking for RVT volunteers interested in attending various events throughout the year. There are even opportunities available for you to be the leader of an event in your own community!

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering can deliver a wealth of benefits including:

  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Learning and developing new skills and interests
  • Enhancing and expanding your work experience
  • Meeting and networking with other professionals in the industry and members of the public
  • Making a real difference in your community and profession!

 We are slowly returning to a limited presence at public events in 2022.

Do you have ideas for events that you would like to see YOUR association attend, please contact us at events@oavt.org


ONgoing OAVT Volunteer Needs

The OAVT is currently looking for members willing to advocate for RVTs in MPP meetings. Email Advocacy@oavt.org to find out more.

Volunteer = CE

CE Credits are available for volunteer work. Amounts are determined on an individual basis. Contact Laurie@oavt.org to determine how many credits you might be eligible for based on your volunteer efforts.

List of RVT Volunteer Opportunities

What better way to feel connected and engaged than to volunteer?

Registered Veterinary Technicians are a tremendous resource of skills, training, empathy, compassion and energy. If you are looking to share your talents with your community or your association, check out the list of opportunities below. Please note that the volunteer listings are updated as requests come in, with the most recent opportunities on top. Check back frequently for more opportunities. (The OAVT does not endorse any of these volunteer opportunities. We are simply making their availability known.)

OMHA Microchip Clinic

Posted: September 26, 2022

Oakville & Milton Humane Society is looking for volunteer RVTs!  OMHS has 2 upcoming Microchip Clinics and can use your help.

Thursday, October 6 from 4 – 8 pm  (open shift 4-6)

Sunday, Nov 6 from 11 – 4 pm  (all day or 2-3 hour shift)


OMHS is a registered charity dedicated to helping animals and people!  The Clinics are being held at the Shelter and appointments are pre-booked. You will work alongside a volunteer veterinarian.

For more information or to volunteer, please email: maddiej@omhs.ca

Community Healthcare Partnership Program

Posted: June 28, 2022

The Kim & Stu Lang Community Healthcare Partnership Program is heading to the Oneida of the Thames First Nation (London area) in July and welcomes 2 RVTs to help us manage the veterinary care demand in this community. We currently have 3 veterinarians and several veterinary students signed up to attend but are missing the expertise of an RVT to assist with both surgery and wellness days.

Our program covers the costs of transportation, accommodation, and meals for volunteers, and it is always an incredible time.

For more information and to sign up, please visit www.chpp.uoguelph.ca 

Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) Foster Homes Needed

Posted: May 26, 2022

TCR is a non-profit rescue organization that is run by 5 staff and over 800 active volunteers! We cannot function without volunteers. TCR takes cats that are at risk of euthanasia from other shelters, animal control, hoarding situations, vet clinics etc. We take in cats that need more time to come out of their shell or those that need dentals and ongoing medical care that other shelters are not able to provide.

TCR is completely foster-based, meaning if we don’t have enough foster homes it is hard for us to continue to take in at-risk cats. We saw such an increase in foster home applications when COVID started of course, and now people are travelling again (which is great!) but we have definitely seen a drop off in active and prospective foster homes. We would love to invite RVTs to volunteer for our foster program. All training is provided online. For more information visit our website.

ARE YOU AN RVT WHO IS… Looking to make an impact in your community?

Posted: May 18, 2022

We are searching for a medical team with a deep commitment to animals and their communities. The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society Mobile Wellness Services is a 38-foot mobile unit that provides high-volume spay/neuter and wellness care that is affordable and accessible to communities that need it most

Our goal is to address the serious issue of pet overpopulation by removing barriers such as affordability or lack of access. Click here to view the flyer for more information.

Dates and locations:

June 22-24- Renfrew, Ontario

July 12-14- Cornwall, Ontario

Perks:  If you cannot volunteer your time for the full three days, there is a rate of pay of $25/hour, mileage, lunch and accommodations included for your time.

How to sign-up: https://ontariospca.ca/mobile-wellness-veterinarian-and-rvt-form/

Contact: Bonnie Bishop at bbishop@ontariospca.ca

Are you a One Health champion? Do you want to be part of an outbreak response? If the answer is yes, WE NEED YOUR HELP URGENTLY!

Posted: April 7, 2022

Avian influenza is spreading rapidly in wild birds throughout Ontario, and we can’t get wild bird carcasses shipped to the lab fast enough.  Starting immediately, we are looking for volunteers from around the province to fill a critical gap in our process.  If we receive reports of dead wild birds in your area, we will provide you with coolers, shipping materials, PPE, and pre-paid shipping labels and ask you to pick up the carcass and send it in to us for testing.

This is One Health in action – don’t miss out on your chance to be a vital part of this response!  Interested?

Contact on-nu@cwhc-rcsf.ca for more info or to sign up.

OAVT looking for committee member volunteers

Posted: April 7, 2022

Each March the Board of Directors reviews committee mandates, performance and composition. In anticipation of vacancies, the Board is looking for several volunteers. I’ve you’ve ever been curious about how the regulatory work of the OAVT is accomplished, participating in a committee is a great introduction. Committees engage in such tasks as

    • debating the merit of a by-law change
    • researching best practices
    • drafting policy proposals
    • upholding the regulatory standards of the profession
    • ensuring democratic elections
    • reviewing college accreditation

This is a great opportunity for those who want to contribute to the OAVT and the profession through regulatory activities while developing a skill set and network that will benefit you throughout your career. Check out this video for additional information about committee volunteerism. Please send an expression of interest including a summary of any relevant experience to Elise@oavt.org

If you would like more information on this volunteer opportunity, please take a look below at the recording of our information session webinar we held last year on becoming a volunteer.

Posted: March 8, 2022

Veterinarians Without Borders – Canada supports a growing number of under-served communities in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Through partnership with the community, they work to enable community-led and sustainable solutions for both animals and people. This includes offering temporary veterinary clinics with the help of volunteer veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians. If you are interested in joining this team on a temporary clinic, express your interest through the survey.

One to two DVM/one to two RVT volunteers needed for each of the following COVID-safe clinics.

Posted: February 17, 2022

Indigenous communities have been hard hit when it comes to veterinary care because of COVID-19.  The Community Healthcare Partnership Program has been successful in implementing low-risk, contactless clinics.  As we are trying to schedule our fall activities, we're looking for additional DVMs and RVTs to assist us in our work.  We will be doing both wellness and spay/neuter services with our team of senior students.  If you have an interest in serving these communities and teaching students, please let us know.  We dedicate one of our surgical stations as high volume, so are looking for volunteers there too! 

There is orientation provided, and if you have a license to practice, you can participate! Accommodations and food provided.

For more information or to volunteer please contact chpp@uoguelph.ca


March 7-11  Urban Outreach Student Rotation Week (Mon-Thurs Wellness, Friday Sx – CCRF) @OVC March 12  Guelph Humane Society and OVC CHPP Partnership – Spay/Neuter Day @OVC March 26  Guelph Humane Society and OVC CHPP Partnership – Spay/Neuter Day @OVC April 4-17  Aroland First Nations Rotation; North of Thunder Bay (6-7 days) Fly out : April 7th  Return:10th or 14th (flexible dates as needed) April 29 & 30  Guelph Humane Society and OVC CHPP Partnership – Spay/Neuter Day @OVC May 16-22  Walpole Island First Nations Rotation (away Mon-Fri only) Near Foerst, ON May 30-June 5  Kettle & Stony Point First Nations Rotation (away Mon-Fri only) Near Forest, ON June 13-26  Sagamok First Nations Rotation, West of Sudbury  (7 days travelling; Depart June 16th Return June 23rd) July 4-10  Oneida Nation of the Thames Rotation (away Mon-Fri only) - Near St. Thomas,On. July 15  Guelph Humane Society and OVC CHPP Partnership Wellington County Wellness Day (in community) July 29 Guelph Humane Society and OVC CHPP Partnership Wellington County Wellness Day (in community) August 12  Guelph Humane Society and OVC CHPP Partnership Wellington County Wellness Day (in community) August 19 & 20  Guelph Humane Society and OVC CHPP Partnership Wellington County S/N Days (in community) Sept 10  Guelph Humane Society and OVC CHPP Partnership Wellington County S/N Day (in community) Sept 19-Oct 2  Sagamok First Nations Rotation; West of Sudbury (7 days travelling in middle of weeks, Depart Sept 22, Return Sept 29) Oct 10-23  Aroland First Nations Rotation; North of Thunder Bay (6-7 days travelling in middle of weeks; Fly out Oct 13t) Oct 31-Nov 6  Oneida Nation of the Thames Rotation (away Mon-Fri only) near St.Thomas, ON Nov 14-20  Walpole Island First Nations Rotation (away Mon-Fri only) near Wallaceburg, ON Nov 28-Dec 4  Kettle & Stony Point First Nations Rotation (away Mon-Fri only) near Forest, ON Dec 10  Guelph Humane Society and OVC CHPP Partnership – Spay/Neuter Day @OVC  


Jan 9-15  Urban Outreach Week (Mon-Thurs Wellness, Friday GHS Sx – CCRF) @OVC Jan 28  Guelph Humane Society and OVC CHPP Partnership – Spay/Neuter Day @OVC Mar 6-11  Urban Outreach Week (Mon-Thurs Wellness, Friday GHS Sx – CCRF) @OVC ***week long rotations have scheduling flexibility for those that can not attend for all 5 days***

The UCHS is Looking for Volunteers to Foster!

Posted: November 29, 2021
We are looking for fosters for animals who are recovering from injury, surgery or who need a bit more medical care than a typical foster home can offer. Interested? Email fosters@uppercredit.com for more information.

Nevis Animal Speak Volunteers Needed

Posted: November 3, 2021
Love working with companion animals? Love vacationing in the Caribbean? Love combining your passions? If you answered YES, Paws for a Cause @ Nevis Animal Speak Volunteer Holidays are for you!   At this time, we are welcoming fully vaccinated volunteers into our Volunteer Vet program. With only a 24hr.  quarantine needed while you wait for your negative Covid test (that will be taken when you arrive), this makes our program and holiday destination more attractive than ever! We are looking to book available volunteer weeks from November 2021 until...!   NOTE: We will  cover quarantine related costs while on island including Covid testing, housing and meals while you are settling in.   For more information, visit https://nevisanimalspeak.org/volunteer-vets-holidays

Canadian Animal Blood Bank Blood Drive Volunteers Needed

Posted: October 5, 2021
The Ottawa Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital has partnered with the Canadian Animal Blood Bank to facilitate regular canine blood donor clinics in the Ottawa region. We look for RVT volunteers especially. The dates we have for 2022 are:   January 15 March 19 May 21 July 16 September 17 November 19   Any interested volunteer can inquire via: ottawa@canadiananimalbloodbank.ca or kpringle@oaesh.com

We are looking for RVTs, Vet Assistants, and Veterinarians to support Community Veterinary Outreach Clinics in Simcoe County

Posted: October 1, 2021
We are looking for RVTs, Vet Assistants, and Veterinarians to support Community Veterinary Outreach Clinics in Simcoe County. Our first clinic is planned for May 14 2022. Community Vet Outreach is a unique opportunity to work with both human and animal health care teams to support the concept of One Health. We provide preventive care to our patients, and welcome public health reps to the clinic to provide human health support and resources to our clients. We serve clients who are experiencing homelessness or transitional housing, and who have four-legged friends. I would love to see my fellow Simcoe County RVTs and Vet Teams get involved. Please contact me for more information and to be added to our volunteer roster. kris.burns@vetoutreach.org

RVT Volunteers Wanted!

Posted: May 26, 2021
The Jaguar Rescue Center in Costa Rica is looking for volunteers, particularly RVTs, to help them out. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there are not many skilled volunteers applying and funding has dried up. The border is currently open to Canadians, and a fellow Canadian has been living in Costa Rica and volunteering at the Jaguar Rescue Center. She said she is happy to assist anyone with the logistics once they arrive, or answer any questions about living in Costa Rica. The Center is full of baby sloths and monkeys and every kind of mammal and bird in the tropics. The Center tries to treat and release whenever possible. Interested RVTs can visit the Jaguar Rescue Center's website to learn more.

Volunteer RVTs Wanted

Posted: May 26, 2021
Are you looking for an incredibly rewarding way to volunteer in an exciting and unique environment? Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland Ontario is currently looking to add dedicated and passionate volunteers to our team. Duties will include but are not limited to:
  • helping our Veterinarian and RVT with regular health checks and other minor procedures (anesthetic monitoring, physical restraint, blood draws etc).
  • in-house fecal exams
  • primate training
  • record keeping
  • cleaning enclosures
  • feeding
  • environmental enrichment
  • and so much more!
If you are interested in applying for this once in a lifetime volunteer opportunity, please contact Natasha at natasha.sbfps@gmail.com