Rabies resources

Rabies can be prevented with vaccination. In cases of human exposure, if a vaccine is given before symptoms appear, the disease can be prevented from progressing.

In animals, routine preventative vaccinations for rabies can keep both your pet, family and community safe from rabies by providing immunity to the disease.

In Ontario, under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, Regulation 567, animal owners have a legal obligation to maintain rabies vaccinations for their animals. Dogs, cats and ferrets that are 12 weeks of age or older must be vaccinated. Livestock such as horse, cow, bull, steer, calf, sheep or other livestock are required to be vaccinated unless they only have contact with the people who have care and control of them. Vaccine boosters every one or three years (depending on manufacturers guidelines) are required to maintain immunity levels.

Want to help spread the word that rabies vaccination is important for animals? Here are some tools and tips to help:

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