The OAVT Complaints Process

By virtue of Bill Pr3, 1993, the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians holds regulatory powers over the profession of Registered Veterinary Technicians in Ontario. These regulatory powers are in effect to protect public interests while maintaining the highest level of practice standards and care in Ontario RVTs. The OAVT Registry of all Registered Veterinary Technicians in Ontario is publicly available online. You can search the Registry at any time.

Complaint Checklist 

  • Confirm the technician is an Ontario RVT (search the Registry)
  • Confirm dates of all events – a complaint should be submitted as soon as possible as a delayed complaint may impact whether an investigation can be conducted (e.g. availability of records/evidence) 
  • Provide the names and contact information of other witnesses
  • Confirm the name of the RVT’s supervisor(s)
  • Submit copies of any invoices or other records relevant to the complaint
  • Describe the events as you remember them
  • Include the name or identity of your animal(s) – including the name, breed, sex, age and relevant  background 
  • Be specific about the behaviour or event that is the subject of your complaint

What happens next?

Once the OAVT Registrar receives a formal complaint against an RVT, the following steps are taken:

  1. The RVT defendant responds to your complaint in writing – The OAVT clearly identifies and confirms each issue with you (the complainant). At this stage, the OAVT affords the RVT an opportunity to read and respond to the complaint in writing.

  2. Review the RVT defendant’s response to your complaint – You will receive a copy of the response submitted by the RVT. Upon receipt of this response, you may choose to:
    • Draft a final written response
    • Take no action (process continues)
  3. Your complaint file proceeds to the OAVT Complaints Committee – The OAVT Complaints Committee receives every complaint that involves a Registered Veterinary Technician licensed in the province of Ontario. The role of the OAVT Complaints Committee is to scrutinize each claim. After review, it delivers a decision directing the OAVT on the next course of action.

At this point, the OAVT Complaints Committee may elect to:

  • Take no further action.
  • Require the RVT to receive a formal caution.
  • Direct the complaint to the OAVT Discipline Committee.
  • Direct the complaint to the OAVT Fitness to Practice Committee.
  • Other actions as permissible under the OAVT By-laws.

Upon conclusion of the investigation, the OAVT Complaints Committee will produce a written decision. The OAVT forwards copies of the decision to the complainant and respondent. 

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