early membership renewals open may 1

OAVT Bylaws give all members 60 days to pay their dues from June 1stYou can renew for the 2021-2022  without penalty until July 31st. A late payment fee of $50 will take effect on August 1st.

If you are concerned about paying for your dues, please contact our Finance Manager, Verna, at Verna@oavt.org, to discuss your situation.


COVID-19 has taught us a lot, perhaps most importantly the value of OAVT membership. The community created in coming together to face adversity is strong, our understanding of each other has deepened and together we continue to push forward in achieving the shared mission and vision for the future of the RVT profession.


Steps to renew

  • Log into your Member Portal
    NOTE: If you have not already signed into the new member portal you will need to Activate your account using the email address affiliated with your OAVT Membership. For first time login instructions, click here
  • From the side menu, select ‘Membership Renewal’ under the Renewals and Requests heading. 
  • Click on the green ‘Start Renewal’ button
  • Confirm your contact information and make sure the details are up to date.
  • Complete the Declarations page. Save your responses and continue to payment. 
    Select your method of payment and follow the instructions to process your payment. You can pay by credit card, cheque or e-transfer.
    NOTE: Payments by cheque, e-transfer or group payments are not able to be applied immediately due to processing time.
  • Once you have completed your renewal you will receive a confirmation email. 


If this is your first time logging into your account in the new member portal, you will need to activate your account first.
Follow these steps to activate your account.
Once you have followed the steps you will be able to sign in and renew your membership.

OAVT by-laws indicate that you have 60 days from June 1st to pay your dues. You can renew for the 2021-2022 OAVT membership year up until July 31st (60 days) before your membership is suspended and your account becomes expired. Renewals processed on or after August 1st are subject to a $50 late payment fee.

A late payment fee of $50 + HST will take effect on August 1st 2021

 In October 2019, the OAVT Board of Directors approved an increase in dues for the 2020 renewals. This was the first increase in dues since the 2014-2015 renewal period. From 2014-2019, without raising dues, the association was able to expand membership benefits and services to include things like the RVT Advancement Fund and the Member Assistance Program through Morneau Shepell.

In the fall of 2019, the OAVT reached a point where an increase in dues was necessary to help see the association through upcoming changes and improvements. However, with the onset of the COVID-19 in spring 2020, the OAVT Board of Directors decided to defer the increase intended for the 2020-2021 membership year to the 2021-2022 membership year.

This increase is necessary to help see the association through upcoming changes and improvements including increased funding earmarked for awards and bursaries to support the growth of the profession, mentorship programming, and ongoing advocacy and legislative reform activities.

If you are concerned about paying for your dues, please contact Verna (Verna@oavt.org), our Finance Manager, to discuss your situation. 

Retired RVT members are able to use and access many of the same benefits and services as current RVTs, including the Member Assistance Program (MAP). The Board of Directors decided that an increase to the Retired member price was necessary to be more reflective of the resources and benefits available, less the liability insurance that is included in the active RVT member price.

Per OAVT By-Laws, Article 6.6.6, any member taking a leave of absence from their place of employment, of greater than 6 months but less than 1 year, is entitled to apply for a reduction in annual dues for 1 membership year. If said member has already paid full dues for the current year, and subsequently applies for medical or disability leave, any applicable discount will be reflected in the subsequent year. Reduced dues applications can be submitted through the OAVT member portal and must be accompanied by supporting documentation.

RVT or Pending members in good standing can apply for reduced dues as outlined in the OAVT by-laws. To apply:

  • Login to the OAVT member portal and select Reduced Dues Application from the left hand menu (under the Renewals and Requests section). 
  • Select which type of leave you will be taking and answer the subsequent questions and upload your documentation.
  • Once processed by the OAVT staff, you will receive an email regarding your request. If your request has been approved, you can complete your membership renewal online and the reduced price will be automatically applied.

Processing time for reduced dues requests have been extended due to COVID-19 restrictions. If you submitted a reduced dues request and received a confirmation email, your submission has been received and will be processed in the order it was received. Please allow at least 1 week for processing your request for reduced dues. If you have not heard back from the OAVT staff, please check your junk email. If further information is required to process your request, this will lengthen the processing time.

That’s great! Your employer can absolutely pay for your membership dues. You will need to still process your own online renewal to confirm your contact information and complete the declarations page. Select ‘cheque’ as the payment option. This will generate an invoice for your membership which you can provide to your employer. 

Your employer can then pay your membership dues online by credit card after you give them permission to access your account online  or by offlinpayment by credit card/E-Transfer or cheque.  Payments can be done by a group payment for all the employees or by individual membership payment.  They will need to fill out the group payment form  and will need your name, and Member ID number, invoice #, date of when you renewed & amount for your renewal.  It is important to fill out all the information or there will be further delays in processing the payments.

If your employer wants to pay for several staff at the same time they can complete the Group Payment form. Each staff will still need to follow the renewal instructions as outlined above. If you would like to make a group payment please complete this form.

Faxing the Group Payment Form is preferred over sending credit card information via email which is not secure.  An alternative is your employer can fill out the form without the credit card information and contact Verna at verna@oavt.org  to setup a time to call in with the credit card information.   

No, if your employer is paying by cheque, please have them send the form with the cheque payment, if they are paying by E-Transfer they can email the form to verna@oavt.org and note that the E-Transfer has been done. 

Employer payments that are not done online by credit card are considered as ‘offline payments’. These will be processed within 10 business days. 
All members must still renew their membership online before any payment can be updated on your profile. If a Group Payment is done and not all employees have renewed online, this will create further delays in processing. 

If your membership is currently suspended due to incomplete CE, you will need to satisfy your CE requirements before being able to process your renewal. If you are unable to satisfy your CE requirements prior to August 1, 2021, the late payment fee of $50 + HST will be applied to your renewal.

If you have logged into your account and do not see the Renew button,  your account is currently suspended due to either/or/both past dues owed or incomplete CE.  Please contact Verna at verna@oavt.org in order to make arrangements to get your account back in good standing. 

If you want to pay your dues via e-transfer select ‘Cheque’ as the payment method.
Once you have renewed online, you can send the funds to the Finance Manager’s email address:  verna@oavt.org through your personal online bank account.  In the notes/memo, please put in you invoice number.  A confirmation email will be sent that the deposit has been made to the OAVT general account.  We have no access to change where the funds are going so rest assured that the funds will be going to the company account.  Your invoice will be marked paid and your profilwill updated within 10 business days. 

By Laptop/desktop:

  1. Go to the OAVT website & log in
  2. Scroll down the left-hand column
  3. Click on ‘invoices & receipts’
  4. Click on ‘review’ of the invoice you want
  5. Click on ‘print’ icon
  6. When print info comes up – either print invoice or choose ‘save as pdf’

By phone:

  1. Go to the OAVT website & log in
  2. At the dashboard, click on the menu bars in right corner
  3. When side menu opens, scroll down to ‘invoices & receipts’
  4. Invoices will show – click on ‘review’
  5. Depending on your phone – use your icons showing on the top to ‘share’, or ‘more’ options to download, copy, email to yourself or employer etc.

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