Board Member: Wesley Harris Profile

Wesley Harris

Alma Mater: Sheridan College

What sector do you work in?

I am currently employed in a clinical setting and also do some work for the Rabies Response Program.

What is the best career advice someone has given you?

The best career advice I ever got was to never give up, keep running and keep your name out there. They were talking about my attempts to be elected to the Board of Directors of this organization and frankly they were right. I keep running, I keep my name out there and eventually who I was and what I was saying resonated with enough people to allow me to have to have this luxury of serving our community.

What are your hopes for the RVT profession?

My hopes for the profession are currently being realized through the introduction of The Enhancing Professional Care for Animals Act. If we are fortunate enough for it to be passed into law it will be the most pivotal piece of legislation passed in our field in North America.

What are your goals for your term on the OAVT Board of Directors?

I have several goals for my time on the Board of Directors for the OAVT.
1) Represent the interests of everyday RVTs when it comes to our input for the new legislation and regulations that will follow.
2) Work with the other Directors on the Board of Directors to continue to improve transparency in our election processes.