Board Member: Wesley Harris Profile

Wesley Harris

Alma Mater: Sheridan College

First job as an RVT: My first job as an RVT was with the Rabies Response Program and it started the day I became registered. Having previously completed all the requirements for joining the
Rabies Response Program well in school I was able to hit the ground running with the program once all the requirements were met for becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician. I have been part of the RRP ever since and it has allowed something that virtually no other job in the field allows, autonomy

Favourite OAVT conference memory: .The OAVT Convention and Trade show is something I look forward to every year and my favourite memory is the first time I attended after becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician. I just remember everything felt so new and being very excited to be there with new friends. It was the stuff that happened before during and after the convention that helped establish some of the most important friendships in my life today.

Best career advice someone gave you: The best career advice I ever got was to never give up, keep trying and keep your name out there. They were talking about my attempts to be elected to the Board of Directors of this organization which I love so much and frankly they were right. I keep running, I keep my name out there and eventually who I was and what I was saying resonated with enough people to allow to this luxury of serving our community.

Goals for the RVT profession: In the short term my goals for the profession are to have a recognized and valued role with a scope of practice veterinary medicine and right now that is on the verge of happening. Long term my vision of the future for RVT’s is far more extensive. I see a time where we can be far more autonomous and with a enhanced designation perhaps called Registered Veterinary Practitioner that would be inline with what Nurse Practitioners are able to do for human medicine. This would allow more greater consumer choice, more access to care, less red tape, and another career path for us to take if we so choose to.