Board Member: Shanna Himburg Profile

Shanna Himburg

Alma Mater: Georgian College

First job as an RVT: General Small Animal Practice at Watzin Veterinary Clinic, Waterdown, ON

Favourite OAVT conference memory: Volunteering as a Zone Lead in 2023! There was a great group of volunteers from all different walks of life that I had the pleasure of meeting – some for the first time in person, some for the first time ever, and many who have continued to keep in contact even after the conference ended.

Best career advice someone gave you: Even if you don’t completely qualify for a position, but you are interested – apply anyways. Do not self-reject yourself. It never hurts to have a conversation.

Goals for the RVT profession: Most importantly, I want RVTs formally recognized in legislation. I also want to see more RVTs in leadership roles within the animal health community. I believe this can be achieved with advanced credentialing, and improved opportunities for RVTs to enter non-traditional career paths.