Board Member: Amanda Borton Profile

Amanda Borton

Alma Mater: Seneca College

First job as an RVT: Right out of school, I moved back to my hometown of Sudbury, and worked at a small animal practice while I achieved my RVT status

Favourite OAVT conference memory:  I remember going to the OAVT conference when our profession became self-regulated, and what a buzz that news had created among all of the attendees

Best career advice someone gave you:  A DVM I worked with early in my career told me that if you wanted to work in a small animal hospital, you needed to have a cat.  Because, cats are NOT small dogs, and they have their own medical issues and quirks, so when a cat owner asks you “why does my cat do this?” you will be able to answer them.  Cats are amazing creatures,  and we are lucky they let us share their lives with them.

Goals for the RVT profession: I would love for the public to recognize that this is a profession, not just a job.  We are highly educated and technically trained individuals who have a passion for animal care, and RVTs have to pass national exams and maintain continuing education standards in order to remain credentialed.