OAVT 2022 Conference - Product/Program Feature Details

OAVT 2022 Conference - Product/Program Feature Details

The following form collects all necessary information pertaining to your Product/Program Feature. Please complete the form as thoroughly as possible. This information will be used to create the session listing and speaker profiles which are visible to all website visitors.

Default title will be Product Feature presented by (Company). If you would like an alternative, please specify below.
Provide a description that will entice attendees to join your session. You may want to include information about what attendees can expect to learn.

Presenter Information

The following fields pertain to anyone that will need to speak during the session. Use the buttons below the upload field to add more entries. This information will be used to build the speaker's profile which will be associated with the session and visible on the conference website.
This field is required as email addresses are used to add speakers to the Zoom session. Each presenter will receive unique login information to the email specified in this field.

Maximum file size: 12.58MB

Additional Contacts

If you have additional contacts that you would like to access the session but not appear as speakers, please complete the section below. You can use the Add/Remove buttons to specify additional contacts. These contacts will be given speaking access for the session. If there are staff members that you want to be able to view the session but not speak, they can be registered as exhibitor staff and access the session just like an attendee.