RVT Spotlight of the Month – October 2021

October 1, 2021

Brian Wilson, RVT

Where did you go to school and what made you decide to take a Veterinary Technology program?
I went to school at St Lawrence College Saint Laurent in Kingston. My decision came down to my love of my animals. I grew up in a household full of animals and always had an interest in the welfare of the animals. I remember talking with my friends in public school during recess saying what we wanted to do.

What is your current job(s)? When did you start it? Are your primary responsibilities?
My current job is as the owner/operator of Wilson Equipment. In June of 2020, I was let go from my previous job due to the pandemic. With encouragement from friends and family, I started my business.
My primary responsibilities are selling, repairing and verifying the equipment used in veterinary clinics. By servicing the equipment it gives me the opportunity to talk with the clinic staff on the care and maintenance of their equipment.
What do you love most about your current job?
What I love about my current job is the relationships I have developed, and educating the clinic staff on the care and maintenance of the equipment they use every day. Keeping their equipment in working condition is my way of continuing to help the animals.
COVID-19 has amplified stress in everyone’s lives. Do you find that your services are more important now than ever? And if so – what specific tools are you focusing on when helping individuals or teams through the stress of COVID-19?
I am one of the few that are allowed to go into the clinic. This is helping my sanity in this strange time. I feel keeping the equipment serviced is as important now as it has ever been. Having contact with the clinic gives them a sense of normalcy.
If you could encourage other RVTs to focus on ONE thing in 2021 to improve their skills, or overall wellbeing, what would it be?
I want to encourage everyone to stay connected to friends and colleagues. Reach out and talk. More so now than before. All the clinics are being isolated and you are not seeing clients and reps like you used to. I have heard from many clinics stress levels are high so reach out to friends and colleagues to say hi and check in.

What other jobs have you had in the RVT field?
I have worked in small animal practices and at a humane society. For the past several years I have been working in sales and service. I feel this is where I belong. I love my job. I get to meet new people and help them help animals by maintaining and educating them on the equipment they use every day.

RVTs are passionate people, and every RVT has an area they are most passionate about (nutrition, research, spay/neuter, dog bite prevention, education, etc.). What is YOUR passion?
My passion is education – educating regarding the use and maintenance of the equipment we use every day. Maintaining the equipment and educating my clients on my products which in turn they are using in-clinic and on patients, making the pets’ lives better.

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