OAVT RRP Submission Request FAQs

No, in order for the OAVT RRP to dispatch a RVT we require the completed details on the form to co-ordinate the collection.

Our goal is to have a RVT to the collection location within 1 business day.

Due to the sensitive nature of the collection process, it is preferred that animals be taken to their point of disposal (domestic animals-vet office for cremation, wildlife-animal control for cremation) where the RVT can collect safely. In cases where disposal includes burial on the property, where the animal/property owners prefer the collection to occur there, they should be made aware by the PHU of the nature of the collection and ensure there is a suitable area, away from public view, that this can be accomplished.

No, RVTs will not be responsible for providing euthanasia services. Before submitting a specimen collection request the PHU should confirm the animal is deceased. The RRP cannot dispatch a RVT until this is confirmed.

No, the RVT will not be responsible for any remains left behind. In the case of domestic animals or livestock it is the animal owner’s responsibility to dispose of remains. In the case of wildlife, this is the responsibility of the property owner to make the appropriate arrangements (calling animal control, burying the animal etc.)

Yes, the RVT will collect and ship specimens with trauma. The CFIA will determine, once the sample arrives at their lab, whether there is viable tissue available for testing. If you are aware that a gunshot wound exists, or any other sharp objects, please include this information on your submission request form

Normal test results will be emailed by the CFIA Lab to the email address the RRP received as specified by your Rabies Program Manager. Positive or unfit test results will be communicated by the CFIA lab by telephone first, to the number provided on your submission request form, then followed up by email confirmation.

In most cases, providing the specimen is not frozen upon arrival at the CFIA lab, results will come back the day the sample arrives at the lab. Please note: it may take up to 72hrs after arrival at the lab to receive results.

Please calls us at 1-844-872-2437 for any questions or concerns Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30 pm (excluding holidays) or email us at rrp@oavt.org