Call for Volunteers: OAVT 2023 Conference

Call for Volunteers: OAVT 2023 Conference

The OAVT 2023 Conference is looking for volunteers to assist as session moderators and staffing the OAVT exhibitor booth. Members in good standing with the OAVT are eligible to apply. The OAVT 2023 Conference will be hosted entirely in person from March 2-4, 2023 in Niagara Falls. Volunteers should be comfortable speaking in front of a large group (to introduce speakers) and greeting members at the OAVT booth. The OAVT will provide specific volunteer training for all functions during the event.

A Session Moderator will be responsible for:

  • Managing attendee access to the room
  • Welcoming and introducing the speaker
  • Counting the number of participants in the room
  • Managing signage (such as "Room Full" signs)
  • Thanking the speaker and providing reminders at the end of the session

A Booth Volunteer will be responsible for:

  • Greeting attendees at the OAVT booth
  • Directing members to a variety of flyers or information about their inquiry
  • Answering commonly asked questions (with information provided during training)
  • Managing other activities happening within the booth (such as giveaways or contests)
  • Identifying or tracking inquiries that should be addressed by other OAVT staff members

A Zone Lead acts as a liaison for session volunteers within a group of session rooms. Zone Leads help with escalating any issues within session rooms to the Volunteer Lead, venue staff or OAVT staff. Zone Leads will require an additional training session from other volunteers. Zone Leads must be available for both days of the conference. Zone Leads will be able to join a CE session 5 minutes after sessions have begun (to ensure no additional issues arise).

Availability: Volunteers must be available for at least 3 hours per day. Preference will be given to those available both days of the conference.

Training: Volunteer training will be hosted during January and February. There may be more than one training session to ensure all volunteers are comfortable with their role.

Remuneration: For each hour that a volunteer fulfills, they will receive a $10 discount to apply to their OAVT 2023 Conference pass. There is a maximum discount of $50 per day.

Registration: Please do not register for the OAVT 2023 Conference until you have received notice about your volunteer involvement. Once volunteers have been selected and their schedule has been confirmed, the OAVT will distribute promo codes to be used during registration.

We endeavour to complete volunteer selections will be completed by January 13, 2023 so that volunteers are able to maximize their discount by taking advantage of Early Bird pricing.

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If you are selected as a volunteer, the OAVT will provide you with an individual promo code to receive your registration discount. It is your responsibility to register and pay for your conference pass.