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We are looking for a Registered Veterinary Technician to join our team in London, Ontario as one of our RVTs is going back to school! Sana Adelaide Animal Hospital is a privately-owned, one doctor clinic that services dogs, cats, and pocket pets.

We all know what the job of an RVT in a small animal clinic looks like (and if not, scroll to the end); let’s tell you a little about our clinic and what you can expect from a job with us.


1)    Manage our schedule so that we all leave work on time. Work-life balance is truly one of our priorities and we are very mindful about our scheduling. Our clinic closes at 5pm and our last appointment is scheduled at 4pm. We have 30 minute vaccine/wellness/recheck appointments and 45-60 minute sick appointments and euthanasias.

2)    Fire clients. Fast and hard. We will not give people a second chance to treat you poorly.

3)    Let you do the things in your job that you love doing!

4)    Offer a competitive hourly wage ($23-28/hour), three weeks vacation, OAVT dues, CE allowance, paid lunch break, etc. We close our clinic at Christmas every year from Dec 24-Jan 2 and our staff are paid for this week.

5)    Create social media content every day. Dr. Trina is very active on social media and documents each of our clinic days in her Instagram stories.  Check out her “Daily Grind” at!

6)    Invest in you. If you have a special interest, bring it on! We are happy to pay for continuing education and specialized equipment to let you develop a special skill set.

7)    Work with animal welfare investigations, the Humane Society London & Middlesex, and perform free vaccine clinics for the unhoused or people living in extreme poverty.

8)    Laugh. A lot. Admittedly, there is a healthy dose of sarcasm and teasing amongst our team.

9)    Give you references if you want. We practice what we preach every day and are happy for you to talk to any of our past employees!


1)    Sell to corporate. Ever.

2)    Tell you what to wear or how to look. You are an adult and you are free to express your best, most comfortable self every day!

3)    Ask you to answer phones, clean the floors, or take a typing test. That’s not the job of an RVT.

4)    Make you do things that you are not comfortable with; if you really hate anesthesia, that’s ok! If you can’t handle that inconsolable crying client, don’t worry about it.

5)    Work with breeders and/or rescues without visiting their location and reviewing/approving their medical protocols. (This means that we basically don’t work with breeders…lol)

6)    Tell you that “we are a family here!” Just no.

7)    Tolerate BS from entitled clients. There is no need for this. Check out our responses to our negative Google reviews if you want to see more about how we handle these things.

8)    Approve prescriptions to be filled through Chewy. It won’t happen. These corporate giants that are focused on money and are ruining the joy of vet med will never be a part of the care that we provide at Sana Adelaide.


Just like every other job post, we would like you to be skilled and comfortable with animal restraint, blood draws, nursing care, anesthesia, surgical prep, monitoring and recovery, pharmacology, cytology, hematology, etc. We want you to have good verbal and written communication skills. We want you to be compassionate towards our patients, clients, and our staff. We have state-of-the-art equipment and in-house diagnostics. Experience with pocket pets and/or ezyVet is a bonus, but not a requirement.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or think this position might be for you. All applications and/or discussions will be kept in confidence.

To apply for this job email your details to

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