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A letter to our next team member from one of our amazing RVTs:

AHSC has been my home for over 16 years, and believe me, the grass really is greener on this side.

Sure, the RVTs here get to do all the things we’re born to do- like nursing care, lab work, sample collection, anesthesia, rads (digital, both full body and dental), client education… But those things will happen anywhere.

What makes us different is the people- the group of best friends that come together each day to help our clients and patients.

Our front desk team takes pride in remembering every pet and every client. They keep us going, keep us on track and find that appointment spot for yet another itchy dog in our already packed day.

Granted, lots of hospitals have awesome receptionists. But do they also have ACAs that read your mind and are so prepared you often wonder if they use magic to get things done? Our ACAs are so intuitive that they know how YOU like the IV line fed through the pump even though you didn’t realize you had a preference!

Next, let me tell you about our 4 veterinarians, who offer different approaches yet complement each other by offering the highest quality medicine and ensure they always do their best for their patients, clients and staff.

Our vets also support us through all situations, and are always ready with a sympathetic ear, professional or personal. They would never treat support staff as their minions, but instead always as valuable and respected members of the team.

Because this is not a corporate practice, our supportive clinic owners have a true open-door policy and love hearing new ideas, so we all continue to be our best and improve our culture and our services. Also, you won’t find that pile of old and broken equipment here. They don’t compromise our values or cut corners to save a few dollars.

They also do the little things that brighten your day- Starbucks on a hard week, a new pair of Figs scrubs and a kitchen stocked with everyone’s favorite snacks. They value our work life balance with a 3.5 – 4 day work week. And when they say they appreciate you, they mean it.

The RVTs here aren’t too shabby either. We’re a pair that work together closely, knowing where our strengths lie and never hesitating to help each other out. We’re just around the corner to help you with that old cat vein. We work together to sort out schedules so that you don’t have to worry about that dentist appointment you’ve been trying to make. We need a partner to lean on, to mentor, to bring a fresh perspective, to share funny cat videos at 10pm before bed…

If you’re looking for a standout independently owned clinic, with an amazing team that will utilize your skills and let you thrive, check us out on social media and then call us, we’d love to meet you!

If you would like to know the more specific details of what is offered-

Competitive hourly wage

Continuing Education funds

Paid OAVT dues

Premium (FIGS) Uniforms

Paid sick days/Paid vacation days

Discounts on Veterinary Care and products

Health Benefits package

Thank you for considering us. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please send your resume to Dr. Christine Martin or Dr. Moriah Egbers at

To apply for this job email your details to

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