While the war in Ukraine is taking its toll on people on both sides of the conflict, one group more than others needs someone to speak up for them. The animals.

There are animals across Ukraine who are in need of help, animals in zoos and shelters, the beloved pets evacuating with their humans, and those unlucky pets who were left behind as their owners became casualties of the war or were unable to take them as they evacuated.

However, there are groups who are mobilizing to help Ukrainian animals in need. Below are some of the organizations trying to do what they can to help.

Saved By The Vet, based in Romania has been helping provide help and shelter to Ukrainian refugees and their pets. They have also been helping transport supplies to Ukrainian shelters. To help Saved By A Vet, you can make a one-time donation via PayPal or contribute to their Amazon wishlist.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has been helping to provide funds to shelters in Ukraine for pet food and veterinary supplies. You can donate to IFAW here.

UAnimals is gathering donations to help Ukrainian animal shelters (Give A Paw, Chance for Life, Pif and Sirius) with food and supplies, which are in short supply.  To help UAnimals, you can make a donation here.

While Happy Paw is another non-profit organization that helps support shelter animals in Ukraine, they also help promote the humane treatment of stray animals.   To help Happy Paw, you can donate here.

Shelter Ugolyok is an animal rescue and farm sanctuary in Ukraine, looking after hundreds of animals. They are trying to get food and supplies, but are facing challenges transporting the needed supplies with bombing nearby. To help Shelter Ugolyok, you can make a donation via PayPal (pawsofhelp@outlook.com), Fundrazr or Patreon.

Sirius has been caring for stray animals for over 20 years. Right now, according to their Facebook page, they have no electricity and are in desperate need of gasoline for their generator. Without the generator working, they are unable to pull water from their well. Sirius is one of the largest animal shelters in Ukraine, but needs assistance to keep things running. You can make a donation on their website.

Casa lui Petrocle is a Romanian non-profit that has been advocating for animals since 2016. Currently, they are at the Ukrainian border to make sure that no family crossing into Romania has to leave their pets behind. Their volunteers are helping find shelter and veterinary care for any animals in need, no matter the species. You can donate to them here.

Since 2009, the International Animal Protection League has been helping stray animals in Ukraine , and runs an animal refuge outside of Kyiv. They look after hundreds of homeless dogs, cats and farm animals as war rages on. You can help them by making a donation here

Since 2005, Veterinarians Without Borders Canada has worked with organizations in different parts of the world to help animals wherever there is a need. They have identified organizations on the ground in Ukraine with thousands of animals who are desperately in need of food, water and other supplies. You can make a donation to help them here.

Network for Animals has partnered with a small Polish animal shelter called Dolnośląski Inspektorat Ochrony Zwierząt (DIOZ) to help rescue animals refugees from the war in Ukraine. DIOZ is driving 600 kilometers to and from the Poland/Ukraine border to deliver much-needed supplies every day, returning with, homeless animals who are starving and terrified. They are desperately in need of monetary donations for fuel to keep their five rescue vehicles on the road.

If you know of any additional reputable organizations which are accepting donations of any kind to help animals in Ukraine, please email the information to jay@oavt.org for consideration.