Striving for work‐life balance: Making this resolution a reality

January 11, 2022

This is a 60-minute webinar.

As a veterinary care provider, you are likely feeling overworked and exhausted by the never-ending pull of patient care, client needs, and other professional obligations. When you add to these the demands of your life outside of work, such as raising children, caregiving for pets, or practising self‐care, it is no wonder that you feel burnt out. And as you move into the new year, your desire to balance work and home life will become stronger, leaving you to wonder, is it really possible to achieve a balance between your personal and professional lives?

During this important and timely webcast, veterinary wellness advocate and Thrive! collaborator, Dr. Marie Holowaychuk will discuss what work‐life balance means and how you

might achieve it with practical tools and strategies for:

‐ managing your time;

‐ preserving your energy

‐ setting boundaries; and,

‐ saying no.

Link to watch on-demand version:

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