Post-Op CCL Rehabilitation for Veterinary Professionals Online Course

June 21, 2021

This course is designed for Veterinarians, Registered Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Assistants, and  Physiotherapists working in Animal Rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation is fairly new to the veterinary world, and a significant number of canine patients are not receiving adequate post-operative rehabilitation.  Most veterinary clinics and clients do not have access to animal rehab professionals, so this course is the next best thing!

This course will take you through the phases of healing, the principles of building a rehab program, how to use a laser for the best post-operative outcomes and an easy to follow, step-by-step 12 week exercise program.  We even include owner handouts and a Pre-Op Guide to put your own logo on.

This course can be done at any time, at your own pace.  There is no start date or end date.

Improve patient outcomes and clinic incomes by creating your own Post-Op CCL program.

Learning Objectives:
Understand the different phases of healing and how rehab principles apply in each phase
Learn common acupuncture points to use with your laser to improve patient outcomes
Create a Pre-Op Guide for owners to help prepare the home and perform Passive Range of Motion and Massage
Follow a 12-week exercise program which includes concentric, eccentric and isometric exercises, proprioception and balance training and strength and power exercises
Learn how to implement a rehab program into your own practice to improve surgical outcomes, reduce the percentage of contra-lateral CCL rupture, and create rehab income

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