Novel Nutritional Approach in Managing Feline Allergan Fel d 1

February 22, 2021

Presented by Dr. Ebenezer Satyaraj. Allergies to cats are the most common animal‐origin allergy, and affect about 1 in 5 adults worldwide. While cats produce several allergens, more 96% of people with sensitivities to cat respond to the primary cat allergen, Fel d1, a protein secreted in the saliva and sebaceous secretions of the cat. Allergen avoidance is the most effective solution; it however involves limiting interaction with the cat or in some cases relinquishing the cat. There is a need for innovative approaches to manage cat allergens. We will discuss the scientific basis of a novel approach to simply, safely and effectively neutralize Fel d, the most potent feline allergen, utilizing an anti‐Fel d1 IgY antibodies (derived from chicken egg) added to cat diet.

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