Navigating End-of-Life Care Challenges

June 12, 2024

This program was designed to help participants navigate the challenges that arise during End-of-Life Care appointments. They will learn how to improve the experience for the patient, the family and themselves.

Our participants will learn the most modern sedation protocols along with tips and tricks for achieving MUZZLE FREE sedation of all patients!

We will also review techniques for IH, IR, and IC injections and techniques for helping the family understand so that things go smoothly.

Learning Outcomes

– End-of-Life Care Sedation protocols used by Hospice teams (to be approved by your supervising DVM)

– Strategies for gracefully sedating even the most aggressive patients

-What to do when you can’t secure a vein

-Common reasons a patient won’t fall asleep and what to do

-Agonal breathing, signs it is imminent, ways to avoid it, how to explain it

-Patient has a seizure, what to do and how to reassure the family

-Handling aggressive patients that you weren’t prepared for

-Respiratory distress, patient handling and family education

-Edema in the limbs

– IH, IR, IC injections techniques

– Tips for making intra-organ injections go smoothly

-Reassuring the nervous family

-How to deal with angry family members

This course is approximately 3 hours in length

To learn more:

To register:

$599 for In Clinic plus travel

$399 for virtual

The price for educational institutes varies, depending on their needs and location.

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