Engaging your entire team! Tools for improving the management of mild, uncomplicated acute GI upsets in companion animals

September 13, 2023

Presented by Dr. Kilborn, Dr. Mirkovic and Dr. Moore

Pet parents find it very stressful to deal with the onset of acute GI upsets in their pets; they are seeking a quick resolution, and turn to you and your team to find a solution. Even though antibiotics have their place for treating some gastrointestinal diseases, they also negatively affect the microbiome. For mild, uncomplicated acute GI upsets, all-natural alternatives are available, which have been proven helpful in the resolution of acute GI upsets without causing any harm to the gut microbiome. New tools developed by veterinarian specialists are at your disposal to assist in reducing the workload for managing mild uncomplicated acute GI upsets.

During the webcast, veterinarian specialists with expertise in gastroenterology, infectious diseases and education will share how to engage your entire team in the management of mild, uncomplicated acute GI upsets. This approach is adaptable to all clinics, and offers favourable results for you, your clients and their pets.

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