DITCH THE CHILL PILL! Pet parents are seeking non-prescription ways to support behaviour concerns in dogs and cats

April 5, 2023

Presented by Dr. Collen Wilson

More and more, pet parents are seeking solutions to common problems that are safe, have fewer side effects, and can cost less than prescription medications. The pet population is aging, and clients are looking for ways to ensure their pets maintain the highest quality of life. Clients themselves are having success using supplements and that interest is transferred to their pet’s health. Though pet parents can access supplements from several sources, using natural supplements to help manage a pet’s behaviour should be guided by the veterinary team. This will optimize the best outcome.

During this webcast, Dr. Colleen Wilson will review research-backed ingredients to help your pet parents choose natural solutions that can help support common behaviour concerns like stress and anxiety. She will cover the subtle signs of anxiety in dogs and cats that pet parents often miss or underreport to the veterinary team. She will identify where, when, and how to choose a natural supplement and why early intervention is key when it comes to managing pet behaviour. When we identify anxiety early, we can eliminate more severe behaviour issues that lead to owners choosing relinquishment or euthanasia.


OAVT CE: 1 credit

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