Dermatopicals: Why to incorporate a topical recommendation for every derm patient and tips and tricks on improving owner compliance and success

July 20, 2022

Dermatology cases present both a challenge and an opportunity to approach case management collaboratively with clients. The goal is to empower clients to make a difference in managing their pets’ skin concerns. Often this starts with making a topical recommendation to help them care for their pet’s largest organ when it needs our help. Dr. Cox will discuss how the skin’s barrier functions become disrupted during disease states, and how to approach managing this problem with the use of topical therapies to mitigate frustrating chronic relapse cycles.

Having success with your derm cases all hinges on those pet parents executing your prepared treatment protocol. Things can get a little dicey with multimodal treatments (a dermatology staple) and one of the first things to get derailed is topical treatments. Jennie Tait will share a few pearls of wisdom with you after working in a dermatology referral practice for the past 22 years. Tune in to get a few insights on how to communicate to owners the importance of topicals and how to improve compliance.

If you’re new to selecting topical treatments for dermatology cases, hopefully you will leave this discussion seeing the value of dermatopicals for patients & clients alike.

Link to watch on-demand version:

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