So You Want to Be an OAVT Director?

If you are considering nominating yourself or another RVT for an OAVT Director seat, you may be hesitant if you don’t know much about the actual role of an OAVT Director. OAVT Directors have an impact on the future of the RVT profession. OAVT Directors are RVT leaders, elected by their peers to accurately and justly represent the best interests of the Association while protecting the interest of the public by regulating the RVT profession, granting professional RVT credentials, and setting & maintaining the standards of the profession.

Responsibilities of the OAVT Board include:


OAVT Board members also receive significant benefits including but not limited to:


Board of Directors Election

The OAVT 2023 Board of Directors Election will take place February 1, 2023, through February 14, 2023 at 5 pm. There will be four (4) director seats up for election.


The first step in the OAVT Director Election process is to open the call for nominees. Any OAVT member in good standing can nominate an RVT or Retired RVT (RVTr) for a Director position. The call for nominations is open from October 25, 2022 through December 31, 2022.

To nominate yourself for election to a position on the OAVT Board of Directors, click here for the nomination form.

To nominate an RVT or Retired RVT (RVTr) in good standing for election to a position on the OAVT Board of Directors, click here for the nomination form.

Election Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of time commitment is expected from a Director of the OAVT Board?

The OAVT Board of Directors meets monthly. The meetings are held either at the OAVT office in Guelph or virtually. Each meeting starts at 9 am and typically concludes by 4 pm, oftentimes mid afternoon depending on the length of the agenda. Meetings are generally held on a Saturday.

Will my travel expenses to the Board meetings come out of my own pocket?

Expenses to travel to the meetings are paid for by the OAVT.

Are there any other financial incentives to becoming an OAVT Board Director?

The position of a Director is in the capacity of a volunteer; to contribute to and drive the future of the profession. When meeting in person, lunch is provided, and travel expenses are paid for as are overnight accommodations should those be required. Sitting on the Board of Directors is an opportunity open to all RVT and RVTr members across Ontario.

What other benefits come with joining the OAVT Board?

Being on the OAVT Board comes with the pride, leadership, and responsibility of guiding the profession and organization forward. There are a lot of skill-building opportunities. You will learn about all aspects of oversight and decision-making of an organization. This will include setting priorities and overseeing that they are met, creating budgets, monitoring financial performance, and learning how to assess critical information to make important decisions. Also, there are a lot of networking opportunities to meet with others in the veterinary community. The opportunity to learn about or enhance your existing skills in this area will contribute to leadership skill-building that is universally beneficial wherever your career path takes you.