Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians (OAVT) Accreditation of Veterinary Technician Programs in Ontario

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The Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians has obtained special legislation (Bill Pr3) to enable it to govern and discipline its members. It also has the power to grant its members the right to the exclusive use of the designations "Registered Veterinary Technician", "Registered Veterinary Technologist" and "R.V.T.". In Ontario, only the OAVT has legislative jurisdiction over RVT status.

According to subsection 6.2 (b) of said Bill, the OAVT may pass by-laws, "prescribing the courses to study to be pursued by students and candidates in order to satisfy the academic requirements of any class of membership".

And furthermore, according to subsection 7 of the same Bill, "the Association shall grant membership to every person who applies in accordance with the by-laws, if the person,

In order for a college to receive the Accreditation of the OAVT Board, an educational program has to meet a comprehensive set of standards as satisfied in the OAVT College Accreditation Process. Programs are evaluated to see if they meet the accreditation standard.

Programs which are accredited by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), or renewing their CVMA accreditation at the same time as they are applying for OAVT College Accreditation, have been extended the following concessions:

The objective for accreditation is to certify Veterinary Technician educational programs, produce competent technicians for employment in the animal health field. Accreditation evaluates facilities, resources and faculty. The OAVT has appointed an evaluation team to assess these programs and recommend qualification for accreditation. CVMA accredited colleges in Ontario will have to be approved by the OAVT in order for their graduates to qualify to write the examination. Please note the above concession that has been made for CVMA accredited colleges.

Accredited programs are required to renew accreditation with terms set by the OAVT Veterinary Technician Program Accreditation (usually every three – five years). This ensures that the Veterinary Technician programs continue to meet or exceed the standards set by the OAVT College Accreditation Process.

In order to be registered (RVT), individuals in Ontario must:

As a current RVT in Ontario, reciprocity has been made available Canada wide upon written request to the OAVT.

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