Foster RVTs Urgently Needed

August 28, 2020

The Toronto Humane Society is looking for RVTs to help foster an increase in complex medical cases who require foster care. Given the care requirements of these animals, they have struggled to find suitable foster homes and those same animals are remaining onsite.

The THS could also be flexible in the length of foster periods, and RVTs won’t necessarily need to commit to multi-month foster periods. Just a few weeks would be so helpful in reducing the animal’s FAS as otherwise they would undergo this treatment in the shelter.

Care generally would include:

  • wound care and bandage changes
  • animals requiring daily subcutaneous fluids
  • immature kittens that are having diarrhea, difficulty gaining weight and need subcutaneous fluids
  • hyperthyroid cats
  • rehab cases such as post TPLO and fracture repairs
  • URI cats with severe eye infection that require close monitoring
  • animals with wound drains placed that require cleaning and monitoring
  • post urethral obstruction cats that have had their urinary and IV catheters removed but still require close monitoring

Interested RVTs can fill out the application on their website and email it to

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