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  • Starting at $33 per hour and then based on experience CAD / Hour

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With the opening of East Shore Veterinary Hospital, Dr Nigel Skinner is thrilled to be returning to the beloved Beach community. This brand new, feminist forward, state-of-the-art facility opens in May 2024. We are actively seeking dedicated and skilled Registered Veterinary Technicians to join our exceptional team. While we have successfully filled some key positions with experienced professionals, we have a few remaining openings for passionate individuals.

With over 15 years of experience and having earned a great reputation within the Beach community in their previous clinic, the East Shore team is committed to addressing serious challenges plaguing the largely female veterinary field. Our focus is on decreasing burnout, nurturing a work-life balance, supporting mental health and eliminating inadequate training. Scheduling hours and holidays that take parents/family into consideration and addressing the low wages that often plague RVTs.  Here’s a detailed look at the steps we are taking to create a positive and rewarding work environment:

Flexible/ Family Friendly Work Schedule: East Shore will operate from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, closed on weekends. This eliminates the need for 12-hour shifts, split shifts, and rotating weekends and/or evenings. Our clients will benefit from 24/7 Virtual Care and you will  enjoy a consistent and manageable schedule with either 8 am to 4 pm or 9 am to 5 pm shifts, a 4 day work week, with one day off a week and full time compensation.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits: Our comprehensive benefits package includes   full benefits that are completely paid by us, we provide your scrubs, paid lunch hours, generous paid vacation starting at 3 weeks, and a competitive salary based on experience, but no lower than $33.00p/h. Importantly, your raises will reflect your true value not 30 cents once a year based on an algorithm from a corporate scale. You are not a number. You are an individual and will be evaluated on your skills and what you bring to the table.

Cutting-Edge Technology: East Shore’s brand-new facility is equipped with the latest technology in practice management, laparoscopic and general surgery, dentistry, virtual care, and AI. We have had months to research, test and compare the newest technologies so that we could hone in on the most user friendly and advanced tools for our practice on every level. This not only streamlines your work but positions you at the forefront of advancements in veterinary medicine.
Invested Management Team: Our Practice Manager, Client Care Director, and Patient Care Director (RVT) are not just experienced leaders; they are shareholders dedicated to East Shore’s success. Their commitment and investment ensures a confident, happy and motivated team, reducing staff turnover. It’s not only veterinarians that have pride of ownership in East Shore, it’s valued and experienced team members on every level. We want you to feel like you have no reason to go anywhere else!

Family-Friendly Policies: Recognizing the unique challenges faced by the predominantly female veterinary workforce, we have a feminist approach with family-friendly policies. Schedules are organized well in advance around parents’ and school holidays to alleviate stress and support mental health. A four day work week with clinic hours that allow you to be home for dinner and leave your weekends free are an important part of showing you we value what you want for a work/life balance.

Professional Development: At East Shore, talented RVTs are recognized and valued. You will be entrusted with challenging and interesting aspects of your work, ensuring that you feel engaged and fulfilled. You are partners with the veterinarians and will be treated as such.

Regular Communication: We prioritize constant communication through rounds twice a day and one staff meeting per week. This happens every day and every week. These ongoing dialogues ensure that everyone is informed with up to the minute information and working seamlessly towards a clinic that runs smoothly and efficiently.

Twice Yearly Job Review: You will have a job review every 6 months with the Practice Manager where you can discuss your challenges and victories, explore solutions and changes. You will have a meaningful discussion not based on a template or a number system but based on how you can be supported and what your next steps are for future growth.

Zero Tolerance for Client Abuse:  East Shore maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy for client abuse, with immediate action taken to ensure your physical and emotional wellbeing. We back our people because we trust our people.

Thorough Training: In preparation for our grand opening, you will undergo two weeks of training pre-opening, easing into the flow and standards we uphold at East Shore. Our experienced senior management team, comprising DVMs, RVTs and Client Care professionals, will guide you through the process.

Specialized Surgery Training: We understand the appeal of diverse and challenging tasks for RVTs. Therefore, you will receive training in assisting in laparoscopic surgery, and other procedures, ensuring you feel confident and ready for any surgical assistance.

Full utilization of your skills now and into the future: Our leadership team is very supportive of the expansion of the responsibilities of the RVT role within our profession and we aim to be industry leaders in this vital area.

Transparent Management: Our Practice Manager and management team are hands on and on the floor not behind a closed door answering to a mysterious head office. We answer to you and because we are constantly interacting with staff, pets and clients we are aware of the challenges and how to support you in a real way. We strongly believe in the “slow to hire quick to fire “ mantra when it comes to staff not pulling their weight and bringing team members down around them. We hear and respect our staff when they feel they are doing more than their fair share while others are not and we understand the importance of quickly resolving these situations so that we can keep our best team members happy!

Continuing Education (CE): East Shore places a strong emphasis on continuous learning. All staff members are encouraged to pursue CE opportunities, which will be scheduled well in advance to accommodate everyone’s participation and ensure no one is left out. CE allowance is unlimited, a policy we have had in practice for over a decade with great success.

Pet Care/ Food : At East Shore you will receive free annual exams and vaccines and all other products and services at cost.

In summary, East Shore Veterinary Hospital offers:

Cutting-edge technology across all facets of the practice
Work-life balance with no weekend shifts and consistent weekday hours
Competitive full time wages for an 80% workweek
Regular communication through twice daily rounds and staff meetings
Full paid benefits, 3 weeks vacation and paid lunch hours
Unlimited CE allowance

Zero tolerance for staff abuse, with a commitment to team well being
Hands-free X-rays and specialized training in laparoscopic and dental surgeries
Virtual health care options
Discounts on personal pet care and food (all services and products at cost)
Paid licensing and membership dues
We provide you with scrubs as needed
Free residential street parking around the clinic

This position would be a good fit for you if you are:

An RVT with no less than 2 years in-clinic experience.
Someone who has a genuine thirst for knowledge and sees the value in a continuous pursuit for personal improvement.
A person who truly strives to be a contributing member of a team and who will thrive in an environment where well informed opinions are valued and encouraged.
Someone who enjoys interacting with clients as this will be a very important part of your role.
In being industry leaders in the growth of what the role of an RVT encompasses in this industry, we want someone who is up for the challenge of being utilized to the fullest.

If you fit this criteria please respond with your cover letter and resume to

To apply for this job email your details to

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