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  • East Toronto
  • Starting at $21/per hour and then based on experience CAD / Hour

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Brand New, Independently Owned East Shore Veterinary Hospital In the Beach looking for Client Care Specialists/Reception

With the opening of East Shore Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Nigel Skinner, is thrilled to return to the beloved Beach community. This brand new feminist forward, state-of-the-art facility opens in May 2024. We are actively seeking passionate and dedicated Client Care Specialists to join our team as we prepare for this exciting venture. While some key positions have been filled, we have a few remaining openings to complete our team.

With over 15 years of experience and having earned a great reputation within the Beach community, the East Shore team is committed to addressing serious challenges plaguing the largely female veterinary field. Our focus is on decreasing burnout, nurturing a work-life balance, supporting mental health and eliminating inadequate training. Scheduling hours and holidays that take parents and families into consideration and addressing low wages. Having fun and being in an enjoyable work environment is also paramount to the East Shore team!

Here is a detailed look at the hospital culture we are creating for a positive and rewarding work environment.

Flexible/ Family Friendly Work Schedule: We operate from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, with weekends off, along with 24/7 Virtual Care for our clients. This eliminates 12-hour shifts, split shifts, overtime, evening shifts and rotating weekends, ensuring a better work-life balance.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits: You’ll receive full medical/dental benefits paid for by us, paid lunch hours, scrubs and vacations starting at 2 weeks along with competitive wages based on your experience but no lower than $21/hour. Your raises will reflect your true value and not be 30 cents a year based on an algorithm from a corporate scale or template.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Our facility is equipped with the latest technology, from practice management software to AI, to our phone system. Our team has had months to research and test the latest software so as to find the tech with greatest ease of use to make your job easier and more efficient.

Invested Management Team: Our management team, including the Practice Manager, Client Care Director and Patient Care Director (RVT) are not just experienced leaders they are shareholders dedicated to East Shore’s success.. Their commitment and investment ensures a secure, happy, motivated team reducing staff turnover. It’s not only veterinarians who have pride of ownership in East Shore, it’s team members on every level from Client Care to RVTS.  We have every reason to create an environment so good that you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Family-Friendly Policies: We understand the challenges faced by working parents in this predominantly female  workforce. We have a feminist approach that takes into account scheduling around school holidays to support family time and mental well-being.

Respect and Appreciation: As a Client Care Specialist, you’ll be highly trusted and respected, recognized as a vital member of the team. You are the first face our clients see when they walk in and the first voice on the phone when they call. You are representing the best of East Shore and we want to support you in being your best. We value your role in providing exceptional customer service and support and welcome your input in terms of how to make the clinic run smoothly.

Twice Yearly Job Review: Every six months, you’ll have a personal and realistic review with the Practice Manager, focusing on your support needs and professional development. You will have a meaningful discussion not based on a template or number system that inevitably seems to be a 3 out of 5 but on what matters to you and your success in this position.

Zero Tolerance for Client Abuse: We prioritize your physical and emotional well being  and have strict protocols in place to address any instances of client abuse.This was strictly adhered to in our last clinic and gave great security and confidence to our staff.

Thorough Training: For a full week prior to our opening, you’ll undergo training with our experienced Client Care Director so you can be confident about everything from software to client interaction to representing East Shore in the best way.

Regular Communication and Collaboration: Rounds will be held twice daily and staff meetings are held once a week, every week. This constant communication was very successful and appreciated at our previous clinic and as it turns out is rarely consistent in the industry. Your input is welcome and valued as every part of the team wants to be aware of how we can work best together in the clinic from front to back.

Transparent Management: Our Practice Manager and management team are hands on and on the floor not behind a closed door answering to a mysterious head office. We answer to you and to this clinic only. As we are constantly interacting in real time with staff, clients and patients we are aware of your challenges and can provide realistic support for situations that we will be experiencing together. We strongly believe in the “slow to hire quick to fire” mantra as we have seen how damaging it is when practice managers are unable to let go of staff that aren’t pulling their weight only to the detriment of the hardest workers. We hear and respect our staff when they feel they are doing more than their fair share while others are not and we understand the importance of quickly resolving these situations so we can keep our best team members happy.

Pet Care and Food: All staff will receive free annual exams and vaccines and all other services and products at cost.

In summary, East Shore offers:

Cutting-edge technology and a supportive work environment
Experienced mentors in both the veterinary and management team
Work-life balance with no weekend shifts and consistent weekday hours
Competitive wages and benefits, including paid scrubs and parking
Regular communication and collaboration through twice daily rounds and weekly staff meetings
Zero tolerance for client abuse, with a focus on staff wellbeing
Opportunities for professional development
Bi annual reviews with the management team

We are looking for someone who:

Has had a minimum of 2 years experience in a similar role
Has broad computer knowledge ( our software choices are user friendly but they’re not for someone with a small amount of tech knowledge/experience)
Would be described as warm, friendly, outgoing and who truly enjoys interacting with people and pets
Thrives in a fast paced, busy environment and is comfortable effectively multi tasking
Has experience with multiple phone lines
Has knowledge of veterinary terminology
Is a team player with a high emotional intelligence who takes initiative
Would feel comfortable dealing with client issues

If you fit this criteria please respond with your resume and cover letter to

To apply for this job email your details to

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