Assessing the Value of Registered Veterinary Technicians in Clinical Practice

The OAVT, with the help of ACER Consulting, created an online survey as a part of a larger study. The primary objective of this survey was to explore the roles and value that Registered Veterinary Technicians bring to clinical practice, and how this differs from other staff who may perform veterinary technician duties for the practice. Our goal was to learn how Registered Veterinary Technicians contribute economic value and capacity to workplaces.

Specifically, we wanted to help you determine how the talent, knowledge, and skills of RVTs can be best utilized to ensure that veterinary clinics continue to grow as viable businesses that are able to fully meet the clinical needs of patients.

Who completed the survey?

The survey was intended to be filled out once per veterinary clinic by someone who has knowledge of the clinic’s services, revenue, and roles and functions of veterinary staff, such as the clinic manager/owner.

The survey was open for response from June 18th, 2018 until September 30th, 2018. Currently, the data is being analyzed by ACER Consulting and we will release a report once the data analysis has been completed.

For more information about the survey, watch this short video:

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