Q&A: Talking with OAVT Board President Jody Carrick, RVT, BA

November 30, 2017

Jody Carrick, RVT, BA became a member of the OAVT Board of Directors in 2012. She assumed the title of OAVT Board President in 2016. As a long-time member of the board, she has worked very hard to bring recognition to the RVT profession. Having fulfilled the maximum of three consecutive board terms, her seat is one of three up for election in the 2018 Board of Directors Election.

We sat down with Jody to ask her a bit about her career and her time on the OAVT Board.

Where did you go to school and what made you decide to take a veterinary technician program?
Jody: A love for animals was ingrained in me at an early age and when I learned about what an RVT did for a living I instantly knew that I wanted to become one. I attended the veterinary technician program at Seneca College and have been working as an RVT since 2003.

Outside of being president of the OAVT Board, what is your current job?
Jody: After working in both small animal and emergency medicine for years, I now teach future RVTs in one of Ontario’s 10 accredited veterinary technician/technology programs. Not only do I get to mold future generations of incoming RVTs but I’m also fortunate enough to work alongside some really experienced ones. It’s the best job ever!

Why did you decide to join the OAVT Board of Directors?
Jody: Like many RVTs, I had a desire to help. Most people don't realize this but as a not-for-profit organization representing and regulating our profession, RVTs essentially own the OAVT. It's ours, and it's up to us to help it realize its fullest potential. I was at a point in my life where I could commit to some volunteer work, and I chose to volunteer in a leadership capacity with the OAVT because I felt I could make a great impact on our profession that way.

What are some of your duties as the President of the Board?  
Jody: Well, aside from managing the Board of Directors and chairing monthly Board meetings, I represent RVTs to stakeholders. It's important that RVTs remain at the forefront of people’s minds. Whether they are veterinary groups, other not-for-profits in the animal healthcare sector, or even government representatives like public health officials, it’s crucial that RVTs aren't overlooked for the important role we play in all sectors of animal health. These connections help to augment the public profile of RVTs, broaden our employment opportunities, and diversify the care we can provide.

What has been your most rewarding experience as a member of the OAVT Board/President?
Jody: Speaking at the volunteer reception held annually at the OAVT conference is an extremely rewarding experience for me. Our volunteers have no idea the impact they make to the success of our profession, and I thoroughly enjoy reminding them of how important they are. OAVT volunteers provide much-needed support in many ways: at public events, our annual conference, serving on committees and Boards both internally and externally, and much more. Not only do they give up their free time to help the OAVT succeed but they often forfeit a paid day of work to help out. They are heroes in my eyes and we could not do any of this without them.

What will you miss the most about being on the OAVT Board?
Jody: My fellow Board members. We've become a close-knit family as we work together to lead the organization and augment the RVT profession. We don't always agree (which is a good thing!) but we all share the same vision. I will truly miss interacting with such an inspiring group of RVTs on a monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily basis.

Is there anything you would like to say to RVTs who are interested in becoming a member of the OAVT Board?
Jody: Go for it! I guarantee that it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Want to be a part of the OAVT Board of Directors or know someone who would do a great job? Nominate them today! The nomination form can be found under the forms tab in your OAVT member portal. Nominations are open until December 31, 2017.

Learn more about the current OAVT Board of Directors here. 


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