OAVT 2018 Awards Nominations


Nominations for the 2018 awards have now closed.  Winners will be notified in January 2018 and recognized at the OAVT Awards Dinner on Friday, March 2, 2018. To nominate an individual, please click the award below:


Award Descriptions




AVT Merit Award - Recognizes an RVT in good standing with the OAVT who has demonstrated a longstanding history of community service and dedication at the regional, provincial, or national level in a professionally related association. This individual has continuously promoted and enhanced the image of OAVT members and the field of veterinary technology through their positive interactions with the public and community members.


OAVT Appreciation Award- Recognizes an organization or stakeholder in the animal health community who has demonstrated outstanding support and contribution to the increased awareness of the field of veterinary technology. The recipient has furthered the image of the RVT through encouragement and support of the profession.


OAVT RVT Outstanding Contributions Award- The recipient of this award is an RVT in good standing with the OAVT who has demonstrated outstanding support for the RVT profession. Their contributions have had a progressive impact on the Association, or the awareness of the RVT profession. They continually enhance the image of the members of the OAVT through their positive example in their field.


OAVT Veterinarian Appreciation Award- Recognizes a Veterinarian who is in good standing with their provincial accrediting body that has demonstrated outstanding support of and contributions to the increased awareness of the role of the RVT as part of the complete animal health care team and encourages a team approach to veterinary medicine.


OAVT RVT of the Year- Recognizes an RVT in good standing with the OAVT who exemplifies dedication to the humane medical treatment of animals and excels in all aspects of their field. Candidates demonstrate enthusiasm for their chosen profession, dedication to animal health care, and support for a cohesive team environment. Their concern for animal welfare stands out to others in their workplace. This individual works to augment the image and recognition for RVTs in veterinary medical communities and to the public through their professionalism and overall direction.


OAVT Honorary Member- Recognizes any individual who vastly improves the lives of animals. Such an award will be handed out periodically to an individual who makes a significant contribution to the health and welfare of animals.


OAVT RVT Complimentary Life Member- Recognizes an RVT who has made outstanding contributions to the profession of veterinary technology throughout their career and has distinguished themselves by furthering the objectives of the OAVT. In order to qualify for this award candidates must be an RVT Member or an RVT Retired member in good standing with the OAVT for at least 10 years, made wide-reaching contributions that have positively impacted the field of veterinary technology in Ontario; promoted the profession with the public and with stakeholder; attributed contributions that resulted in significant strategic gains for the OAVT.




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